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>> Friday, May 16, 2008

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I have problems of putting my 3 year-old boy to sleep. Mga mommies dyan Help!
Maybe he lacks activities where to put his energy to? I don’t know, it keeps raining and sometimes his playmates don’t want to play with him. He sometimes starts to play computer games when I start to cook or when I’m doing something. Naaawa nga ako minsan. Before he joins me in my cooking, he starts to play with his cooking toys and starts cooking too. Sometimes I let him be but at times I get pist off when he keeps putting lots of water and soy sauce that the table is already dripping with water. Now I placed a different table just for him where he can play on his own.

Once I left him nalang watching a movie kasi antok na kami ng dad nya. I slept na and awoke when the movie was about to end and to my surprise he was still awake. That’s when I told him with an angry voice na “ok sleeping time na”, he made an effort to sleep at nakatulog na rin later on.

Maybe nasobrahan na sa kanonood ng movies and kalalaro ng computer games so his brain keeps working siguro? Or maybe he needs discipline na at this time dapat tell him na sleeping time na. Haaay... please tell me what to do. Minsan kasi maaga din sya magising, he needs enough sleep worried ako baka magka anemia sya. Kase we have that in the family, I even noticed when ever mastop ang iron vitamins nya madali sya magkapasa. Please.... any suggestions?!!!


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