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>> Friday, May 9, 2008

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Here are some poems me and my husband have written when we were not yet married:


(im. Dacanay-Liston)

How do we see…

the beauty of light,

when there’s no darkness?

How do we see…

the star studded skies,

when there’s no night?

How can we see…

the beauty of the sunset,

when no night begins?

How can we see…

the flashing city lights???

But only through the darkness of the night.

Now can you see...

the beauty of it all???

Yes, when God separated darkness from light.

Love Is Not Red

(g.Liston Jr.)

Love is not red

But jet black

Like the inside

Of a moaning cello:

Dark but warm, Secluded

and safe,


But trembling on

an everlasting note

Sliding through an endless thrill.

Love is not red

But ultramarine,

An ocean of immeasurable strength,


At times blustery,

Deep, mysterious,

And beautiful.


Is silver-gray

Like the color of the sound

Of a clock’s secondhand

Chipping its way through



(im. Dacanay-Liston)

Bakit ako nandito?

Bakit sa eskwelahang ito?

Bakit ito ang kurso ko?

Bakit ako naririto?

Bakit kita nakilala?

Bakit kita nakita?

Bakit sa’yo pa?

Bakit ako naririto?

Bakit may problema?

Bakit may lungkot?

Bakit may saya?

Bakit ako naririto?


(g.Liston Jr.)

I meant it to be funny

But it did not come out that way,

It caused the road to fork instead,

My sense of humor must have died along the way

And I have been too preoccupied

With dragging its carcass.


Now the sun is dead

And a raindrop splashes on my forehead

Like a tear from heaven.

Is the sky mourning for the sun,

Or for me who killed it?

Is it mourning for you?

Tonight I will be alone in my bed

So I will sleep with dirty feet

And I will not care to brush my teeth.

I will also close the window

To shut out the quarter moon

That months ago

Looked like a marshmallow

Melting in coffee

But now looks like a tired smile

Pasted on the sky,

Very much like the smile

You wore the last time I saw you


isah liit

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