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>> Friday, May 9, 2008

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My grocery lists are never with out what my little boys’ favorite food and this includes (some of these things) chocolate drink, ice cream, chocolate covered mallows, hotdogs, cheese, pretzels, etc. I have to pull him sometimes away from junk food and substitute what’s on the list instead.

At this point in his life (he’s 3) his dad taught him to play internet-downloaded games. Now they usually have to fight for their spot in our computer at home. I always get the headache hearing them fighting and getting in between to end it. I only have the freedom to do my stuff when he is asleep which is what he’s doing right now.

Another one of his favorites is playing soccer with his dad and sometimes his buddies. Yesterday while I was checking my mail, they started playing soccer and dadee got carried away in hitting the ball. He had to climb over a ledge to retrieve their precious ball.

Swimming and playing with sand are also some of his favorite times. He could go for hours especially if he has playmates around. One time our neighbor (which is our family friend too) was leaving for Canada and their going away party was an overnight swim at the beach. Josh and his playmates were in the shore until past midnight. I let him be for him to enjoy but he needs to rest so I pulled him after a few hours to get some shut eye.

I've noticed that when dadee starts to play his guitar my little boy would climb a chair to get his guitar and play with his dad. Not only that, he even tries to imitate his dads fingers and grabs a pick to strum his guitar.


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