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>> Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Josh-josh calls her Lola Mama; in our family we call her Mama. Mama married at the age of 27 I wanted to marry at that same age as her but I married at 28.

I can say my mama was really hard working in fact reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaly industrious. She started working to stay in high school; she stayed with her aunt my Lola Citas to help around the house. She had to because they couldn’t afford it, they were 10 siblings and she was the eldest. Anyway I think my mom was the only one she taught crocheting and embroidery because she had no children of her own. I was the only one in our family who took interest in needle work and proud to say I really enjoyed it till now.

My mom is really good with her hands; she knows different dishes from different places. A little of Japanese food, Swiss delicacies, of course Filipino dishes the likes of Ilocano’s (my dad’s Ilocano), Ilonggos (she’s Ilongga), Visayans, Tagalog etc. She had all of these with her because she once worked with foreign missionaries and with a Japanese ambassador plus our move around the Philippines pretty much because of my fathers’ job. Any way, she is inclined to fossilized flowers or pressed flowers in particular and cut flower arrangements too. She’s into needlework the likes of crocheting and embroidery as well.

She had two degrees; the first was a secretarial course second was Elementary Education major in Technology and Home Economics. Her secretarial course was finished in Mindoro, I was about 4 years old then, and the second was in Lyceum North Western when my youngest brother (marc) started schooling in Dagupan City. I’m proud to say that the three of us (my brother and sister) were good in class and that was because my mom was also a good teacher to her kids. She never fails to amaze me. She’s always busy, if not with her needle she’s cooking yummy meriendas (snacks) for us but she never fails to be our loving mom.

I learned a lot from you mama, thank you sooooo... much
. Now I understand why she shouts a lot when we were little, “not this... not that...careful etc”. We never get to appreciate our moms unless we’ve become moms ourselves. Her love may not always be spoken but felt and seen thru her works. Ahh..., Parenthood, bitter and sweet all the same, scary at times yet happiness in the end. Thanks mama for patiently teaching us until now, for loving me even to the point it hurts you. I love you and at times I don’t say it I know you do know it. You’re always in my thoughts and I miss you so much. Thank you for everything. Your Gods gift to me, to papa and our family and so I thank the Lord for you.


isah liit

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