How My Son Learned to Spell HIs Name

>> Thursday, June 19, 2008

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My son learned to spell his name a month before he turned three. I know of some kids who learned how to spell their names earlier than the time my son learned his but what makes my son's case different is that he learned it not in the traditional way. He learned to type his name because we made it necessary for him to type it. My son got into playing computer games quiet early and I accept the fact that he got quiet addicted to it. To put some control over the situation my husband decided to put an administrator password to our computer. A few days after the computer became password-protected my son suddenly developed a desire to learn how to spell his name. It just took two days for my son to learn how to type his name. After a week, my son regained his control over the computer--he could turn it on any time he wants and play games, so my husband changed the password by just adding to the password my son's second name. It just took a day for my son to learn how to type his second name. Now if you will ask my son to spell his name aloud he will just say "J, O, S, H, U, A spacebar D, A, N, I, E, L enter" That is how he spells his name aloud.


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