Playing Dad

>> Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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One day when he was two, I found my son wearing his Dad’s shoes and T-shirt. I had to laugh because he was so small and cute inside his dad’s things. I immediately got the camera and took this picture.

He loves watching his Dad fixing things in the house; an electric fan, a light bulb or anything inside our house that needs fixing. In this next picture his Dad made him finish tightening the screws of an old electric fan.

last December, some four months before he turned three, we bought him a blue bike as a Christmas present. He loves biking nowadays. Josh keeps bringing it outside to play with his friends and it keeps him busy.Then one day the small wheels of his bike was disalinged and dad had to fix it. So Josh placed himself beside his dad again and watch him fix it and assisted him by handing out tools his dad needed. I took a photo of it :


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