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>> Saturday, June 7, 2008

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It still amazes me whenever I hear my son call me "mamee". As well as the fact he calls his dad dadee too. I still smile and it feels good, great to be a mom even though there are a lot of times he makes me cry too, of tiredness. It all melts down when he shouts “ yehey !” and every time I see him smiling and laughing out loud. I can’t help the feeling of warmth inside my heart and it makes me smile every time I think about these precious gems of mine (dadee and josh). I never even thought of my husband being the one spoiling my little boy too much. Thinking about how he is when he was just my barkada (chums) once.

This second picture josh was giving dad his massage for the night. Isn’t it cute to see them have their bonding time? The third picture was another one, going to the store to buy something. One of their best bonding time is playing soccer and playing guitar together. I still haven’t got that picture yet : [


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