The Eyes Could Speak A Thousand Words

>> Friday, August 22, 2008

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Our eyes, the window to our soul, are often more powerful than our tongue. When I was single and younger I enjoyed my share of eyeing games with guys. I was quick to know when someone is trying to communicate with me through his eyes. I was lucky enough to be pretty (yes, I know that, just look at my photo, and ask my husband) so I got many guys attempting to become close to me. In the university I had the luxury of having to be flirted on by guys so I mastered the art of indulging them by flirting back in a subtle way. There were lots of guys and I knew how to handle them, I had many ways of responding to the different kinds of flirting devices of men. I could give the snobish look if the guy showed too much signs of agressiveness. and calousness. I could give the shy-type look to those who have greater chance of getting close to me, that's my way of communicating to him that he has the advantage of gaining my friendship first.

Now that I am married, I only get to flirt with my husband. It's fun to do it with him because he is also good at it. He knows my body language as much as I know his. We're a perfect match. we always end up having Victory Hair after flirting with each other (if you get what I mean).

Lately we tried playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship, a game sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5. We enjoy it a lot because we get to try our old flirting lines and see if they still work today. It is really fun. Why not try it yourself? Grab the widget below now and see what I mean.

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