The Importance of Certification

>> Saturday, August 9, 2008

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Technology has become the heartbeat of the world. That is a fact. We see it in everything we do; from the simple task of paying bills to the more complex ones like showing our thoughts to the world or sifting through tons of information to get to the ones that we need. The world is conveniently made smaller by technology. Life is easier, everything is within our reach, just a mouse-click away. But have you thought about the actual persons who are responsible for making the world the very nice place to live in that it is now? These are the persons who maintain and continue to make technology the lifeblood of our world. These people are a very special breed of human beings who work somewhat unnoticeably in the background so that you can download the latest music from your favorite band or e-mail a loved one who is miles away from you. These special breed of people are the technology guys, the IT guys, the men and women who connect the world. Because they are special, they earn especially good compensations. My husband knows this that is why he is now on the process of earning his first Cisco certification . He explained to me that a Cisco certification is important for someone who is aiming at a career that is in the IT field. IT certification programs available through Cisco Career Certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to networking professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them. The career path my husband took years ago was not IT related but because technology is in his blood works related to IT came his way. When it has become obvious that a carrer shift is needed he worked hard to become at par with real IT guys in the field. He learned from them and at the same time through pouring a lot of his time to reading tons of books relevant to the field he's involved with now. But he knows that without certification his endeavor could not give full fruition. Now he is aiming at getting his first Cisco certification within this year. I know that this is a good career move. I give my all out support to him.

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