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>> Friday, August 22, 2008

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I started a new blog, launched it a few days ago. This new blog of mine will not be like Pinay Chicken heart because it will not focus on parenting only but on anything that amazes me. I am a woman who has a lot to tell about the things that happens to me every day. These things are not only about being a mother and a wife but about being a complete woman.

You might wonder about the name I have chosen for this blog, Wow Legs. I want to share in this blog the amazing things, events and anything that amazes me in my life. I chose this name because this site will be filled with things that makes me say "wow" and I hope people who will read it will feel the same way too. I chose this expression because we often have a second look when we see people (especially women) with great legs. My best friend thinks I have great legs, and that's another reason why I chose it. He also explained to me that a woman's legs could have a personality of their own and that it is possible to read a woman by the way her legs behave. Because of that he married me :p he he he. Feel free to comment on each post that interests you.


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