A Price for a Smile c:

>> Friday, August 22, 2008

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I went to the market today with Josh. He was not suppose to tag along with me but his dad had to write something in the computer and he did not want his little boy bothering him as he worked. Josh wanted to play computer games and he was crying for help.

I was supposed to leave him behind because I saw that his playmates had arrived and I wanted him to get tired from playing so he could sleep early later in the evening. But instead he ignored Kyla and Klint (his playmates) and started bothering his dad to let him play with the computer. He was not in the mood to play with them. His dad was starting to raise his voice and little Josh started to cry. So, to make them stop I had to bring Joshua with me to the market.

On the way to the market my little boy was still teary eyed and I can still see protest in his eyes. I joked around to make him smile but no smile for me. We passed by the store for flip-flops and saw some kiddie slippers. I decided to buy him a pair and he gets to choose the design. At first I liked the color but when I had my 2nd glance I noticed that it had a Power Puff Girls print on it. I convinced him to look for a boy cartoon character but he insisted. I had to give in and here's the picture of his flip-flops choice.


I guess the print wouldn't matter when he's wearing it because you wouldnot see it when it's worn. He has his old slippers anyway to be worn when he goes out and the new one for playing only inside the house. Sometimes there is a price for asking for a smile c:



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