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>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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The world is so full of talented artists who could forever exist in obscurity because they do not know where or how to distribute their work. I know that every serious musician wants to get signed and make it big but they just do not know where to start. A while ago I stumbled upon a site that unsigned musicians could use as a tool for music promotion. Unicorn Media helps emerging artists promote their content in high quality digital format. It is free for any artist to have his work promoted by Unicorn Media and it is also free for users and fans to enjoy the artists' works. But do not think that I am talking about a site that promotes only music. If you go to their Artist Beta you will see that a wide variety of high quality content are featured there. There are films from independent film makers in their video section that you can check out too. I was impressed by Soul Searcher, a film by Wysiwyg Films. The film is a high-concept effects laden-drama about a lowly young street sweeper who is chosen as the successor of a dying grim reaper. I found out that it took Wysiwyg Films four years to make this film.

I stayed for a long time in the music section because I was hooked to one of the many featured bands there. The music of Pedja really got into me, especially their instrumental pieces Raindrops and Broken Engagement. Raindrops is a latin and blues based instrumental that I could not get enough of. I checked about the band Pedja and found out that the leader of the band is a Family Physician based in Arizona. His duties as a doctor had kept him away from his love (music) for 16 years. Then in 2005 he woke up one morning and composed one of the songs that are now featured in the Artist Beta in Unicorn Media. I really like the music of this band so I wanted to become their friend. So I signed up for an artist account (it's free) and am planning to add Pedja to my friends list in Unicorn Media. Yes, I signed up as an artist because me and my hubby are into this little home recording project of ours, who knows we would finish two or three songs in the next few weeks. If you are not an artist you can sign up as a fan or advertiser. Sign up is free.

You can also check out Unicorn Media's blog,, it is full of posts that are sure to help artists with tips and information.

Unicorn Media is for all those artists out there who want to promote their content and for people who want to enjoy quality content. So what are you waiting for, check their site now.



mina February 6, 2009 at 1:37 AM  

how wonderfull music, full of emotions - completely diferent of actual. you can check it and enjoy on the site

thank you Pedja!

isah liit

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