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>> Thursday, October 2, 2008

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I really do not like it when I recieve a call from someone I really do not know who makes offers that sound like I would benefit from it. I hate calls like this because I could not avoid being disturbed, and worried. It annoys me. When unidentified caller seems to know many of my details I could not help but wish i could track him down for my peace of mind. I happened to learn about Phone Lookup Investigator,  a site that gives users the chance to share the experiences of recieving a call from someone they do not know. With Phone Lookup Investigator you can have Phone Number Info of the unidentified caller. All you have to do is to type the number in a box so that you will see if there are comments about that particular number you have entered. If there are no comments you could be the first to put in a comment for that number so that other people who might be victimized by the same caller would have some information. This is a good way to warn other.


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