Weeks of Blessing for Wow! c:

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Before this week ends I could not help myself to give thanx to God for the blessings He has been showering on my other blog Wow Legs. My husband has been experimenting with how to increase the traffic of that blog and in the last 15 days it has averaged 1,400+ hits a day, it is a very big improvement and my Google analytics says that the traffic of that blog has increased 2,070.11%.

Woohoo! 90% of that traffic comes from the search engines like Google and MSN. I haven't dropped a single Entrecard for that blog for almost a month now. It really helps a lot with our Adsense earnings; our Adsense earnings for this month of April alone is good enough for another cashout. I could not believe that we earned in one month what took us almost a year to earn in the past. If this kind of thing would continue, it is possible for us to get Adsense cheque every month :) Thank you Lord c:


isah liit

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