Big Brother 11 Spoilers

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

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If you are one for spoilers then read what is block quoted below, the Big Brother 11 spoilers:

# The mystery houseguest will be revealed during tonight’s show.
# Kevin, Russell, Laura, and Ronnie entered the house first.
# Chima, Natalie, Braden, and Casey entered second.
# Jordan, Jeff, Michele, and Lydia entered last.
# Natalie lied about her age and said she is 18. She is really 24.
# Julie announces that “cliques rule the school” and this year “cliques will rule the game.”
# Each HG is part of a group, but the game is still individual. For now, “class dismissed.”
# Athletes: Natalie, Jeff, and Russell
# Off beats: Kevin, Casey, and Lydia
# Brainiacs: Michele, Chima, and Ronnie
# Populars: Jordan, Braden, and Laura
# The competition is called “The Wedgie.”
# If all of the “cliquemates” let go, the entire clique is elimited. The winning clique will have an advantage.
# No one in the yard will be HOH.
# The four past houseguests that are involved are Brian (brainiac), Jessie (athlete), Jessica (popular), and Michael “Cowboy” (off beat).
# Whichever clique wins Head of Household will also win their past houseguest.
# The past houseguest will become the new Head of Houseguest.
# The brainiacs are all out of the competition. Brian from BB10 will not be entering the house.
# The off beats have been eliminated. Cowboy will not be entering the house.
# The populars drop third. Jessica from Big Brother 8 will not be entering the house.
# The athletes win the competition. Jessie will enter the house and become the first Head of Household.


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