The Rebound

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

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The Rebound poster

I am a fan of Catherine Zeta-Jones so I see to it that i don't miss her movies. Her latest one is The Rebound, a romantic comedy which is about a single mom captivates her new neighbor, a much younger man. The film is set in New York and the younger man is Justin Bartha. Based on the posters I have seen, i guess Catherine and Justin has a great chemistry. I learned some spoilers of this movie:

Best part of the film was when Aram & Sandy were going at it on the couch while her kids were asleep. They are caught in the act when Frank Jr. comes out and asks "Did you just pee on my mom?"

Children has the knack of asking the most honest questions when parents need to invent the best lies. This line is really funny and I guess the movie is full of things like this one. The tagline for this movie is "She's still got it. He's just getting it." I hope that I'll get to watch The Rebound when it is finally released.


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