Michelle Bombshell McGee Pics

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Everyone seems to be looking for Michelle Bombshell McGee pics. To tell you honestly I do not know her. Yes, I probably heard her name before but she did not register. But what is the reason she is now one of the hottest topics on the web? It is because ther are rumors circulating around that she has an affair with Jesse James, the hubby of Sandra Bullock.This is just a rumor as of now, it can be true and it can be just something invented by some bored [ersond out there. But anyways, here is her picture if you are curious as to why it is possible that Jesse James would hook up with her:
Michelle Bombshell McGee Pics
Hmmmnnn...she has some body art on her, some guys like girls with lots of tats on her body, but not everyone. For some people it is a turn on, for some it is a turn off. For me a little tattoo is good, but too much of it looks dirty. But of course the standard of "littl" and "too much" depends on the beholder's eye.


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