Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers April 16, 2011 NBA Playoff

>> Thursday, April 14, 2011

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At last, after a lot of waiting for the playoff to finally come, it is now here for all of us basketball fans to witness. On Saturday, April 16th, the 2011 NBA Playoff will start with the game between the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers. As we know the Bulls are the number 1 seeded whereas the Pacers are in the 8th seed. How will the Pacers face the Bulls? The terrible loss of the Pacers to the New York Knicks last Wednesday night is still fresh in the memory of basketball fans, now here comes the game this Saturday with the powerhouse Bulls, how will the Pacers handle this? But we could not underestimate the Pacers, remember how they win against the Bulls last month? It was a fast, high-scoring game that the Bulls usually try to avoid having. If the Pacers could duplicate what they did that night we will be in for a great game this Saturday.

Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers April 16, 2011 NBA Playoff

Don't miss this game, you can watch it on ESPN or other sports tv channels that allow basketball fans access to the live coverage of the game. The fans of the Pacers should not miss this game, this is the first time in five years that the Pacers are playing in the playoff.


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