Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers April 18 2011 NBA 2011 Playoff

>> Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers April 18 2011 NBA 2011 Playoff. This is the second game in the playoff that the two teams, the Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers face each other in the court. In the first meeting in the playoff on April 16th, the Pacers lost to the Bulls (99-104). Now, will the Pacers make the win. The game will be just a few hours from now and basketball fans all over the world are looking forward to watching the action. Of course Pacers fans are hoping that the Pacers will make it this time. Of course the Bulls are the more favored team here, more people believe that the Bulls has the upper hand. But the ball is round and we could not really say who will will this time.

Let's take a look at the two teams. The Bulls are known for their solid defense but their win against the Pacers last Saturday was obviously not an easy win, the Pacers gave the Bulls a hard time winning the game. What can we expect tomorrow during the second meeting of the two teams in the playoff? Of course if you are a Bulls fan you will say that the Bulls will maul the Pacers tomorrow. But Pacer fans know that their team is not really an underdog, the Pacers can give the Bulls a hard time winning.

Okay, everyone is excited about this game tomorrow, me too. All we can do is watch it tomorrow. Yeah, don't miss it. This game will surely rock.


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