Basketball Wives Season 3 Premieres Tonight

>> Monday, May 30, 2011

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Basketball Wives returns tonight for a third season, and they say that it is with a big bang. We've seen how shocking the ending of the second season was with all those that were revealed. Now followers of this series are eager to see how the wives are after the tension and anger that became flames at the end of season 2.

Season 3 brings in the drama queen Shaunie O’Neal, who wants to avoid all the drama. Really? She wants to avoid the drama and the best place to be in that is away from all the drama is Miami. But I guess we will be in for more drama this time. These women live on drama and they just could not help but be in the middle of it all. We will be seeing in season 3 how Ms. O'Neal tries to juggle love life, family outings, and here shoe line. What would be the effect if she mismanages the juggling? That will make Season 3 very exciting.

And what of Evelyn, who is now on the process of becoming a football wife? She won't fit in the show anymore? That remains to be seen. The same is true with Jennifer Williams who is turning single after leaving her NBA star hubby. As to Royce, well, she's a little heroine, we all know that.

Basketball Wives Season 3 will air tonight so don't miss it.


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