UFC 130 Rampage vs Hamill

>> Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Okay, this rocks. Yeah, this really rocks because Rampage, who said not too long ago that he doesn't have any plans of getting the championship again, is now quite emotional about becoming the champion once again.

Yeah, if you are a true UFC follower you remember well how Rampage Jackson said that he is not that interested in getting the championship title again. But the direction of the wind has changed now, he is talking something else, he is quite intense now about becoming the light heavyweight champion again. Yeah, but who is in the way? Of course the great fighter Matt Hamill. As far as Rampage is concerned, he needs to become champion again ang he needs to generate some income. This incoming fight with Matt Hamill is considered by Jackson as purely business, he needs income and he needs to be champion again.

But will Rampage get what he wants easily? I guess he will have a hard time doing it because Hamill is one good fighter that can handle the likes of Rampage. The fight will surely be a very exciting one, it will rock. But this is just between you and me, don't tell the world, I believe that Hamill will knock Rampage out of his senses in this fight. Rampage will surely be retiring after this match and he will close his mixed-martial arts career with a big loss to Hamill. Yeah, I really think that Hamill will rock the lights out of Rampage. But That is just a prediction, you have all the right to disagree.


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