Interstellar movie, should you watch it?

>> Monday, November 10, 2014

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Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is obviously the biggest movie to hit the theaters this month. Weeks before its release date movie buffs started to itch for it. I am not a movie buff but I also itched for it, blame it on the trailers I've seen on Youtube and the well-made movie posters that come in many forms every time I search for "Interstellar" on Google Images.

But I am the kind of person who reads reviews first before deciding to watch a film, especially if the film runs for more than two hours (this movie is 169 minutes long). Yes, 169 minutes, or 2.8 hours, is long for a movie, not unless the movie really delivers something that could keep the viewers' attention for that long. The reviews were mixed, there are those who say that Nolan fails to deliver this time and there are those who praise the film to high heavens. Rotten Tomatoes has rated it 7.1/10 while IMDB gave it a whooping 9.1 rating! So I decided to watch the film to see for myself. 

Well, the 2.8 hours I spent watching this film is quite good, there are dull moments but most of the time I paid attention. Of course the first thing that makes this film very good is the computer graphics, it's top notch, it carried the entire film, it's the glue that bind it together as a movie. But the graphics alone is not enough to make a movie great, the story, and the film's message is very important. This film illustrates how far  the human race has come, and at the same time how far we are still to the ultimate destination, if there is such a thing. To the viewers who are not so much into science, and things like the complexities of space travel, there are many many things in the film that could be mind boggling. I guess this is what turned off some viewers, they did not understand what they were seeing. Time and space is still a big mystery to many of us, and Interstellar tries to bring us there. 

I won't tell the story because I don't want spoilers. Just watch the movie and judge for your self. If you are not a fan of science and you do not really like asking deep questions about like then this film is not for you. I am not saying that this movie addresses the many questions we have in our heads about life, what I am trying to say is that while watching the film I realized that I have so many questions about my existence.

I give this film a 7/10 rating. Very good.


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