Taylor Swift's Blank Space Music Video

>> Monday, November 10, 2014

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I am not really into Taylor Swift, I know some of her songs, they are quite good but I am not a fan. I am old school. The reason why I am posting this is because I noticed that "Blank Space Music Video" is trending on Twitter. I got curious as to what it is all about. i did not know that it is Taylor Swift's song. So I checked it out and found out that it's a new Taylor Swift music video released a week ago. I don't really know why it's only now that it is trending. So I headed to Youtube and searched for the video. To my dismay I could not find the official video on Youtube. There are many videos there that try to pass as the "official video" but they're fake. What's the big deal with this song and music video? Why is it not visible on Youtube and why is it trending right now? 

I also checked Yahoo Screen  and Vimeo but to no avail. Hmmmnn.. I am curious.


I finally found the official Blank Space music video, here it is:


isah liit

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