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>> Friday, May 23, 2008

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Don’t you know that colors could do wonders to your day? Makeover your day with color therapy. Anne Dawe, director of Colour Power products suggests that “each color has its own healing power, which works with your body to enhance mood”. Here’s how...

Favorite Color: Violet

*You are Dreamy and emotional.

*Use it to Meditate; clear your head.

*Why? It boosts your creativity and helps you to trust your intuition

Favorite Color: Green

*You are Balanced and loving.

*Use it to Be compassionate.

*Why? It relieves tension.

Favorite Color: Yellow

*You are Warm natured and happy.

*Use it to Energize; gain confidence.

*Why? It uplifts your body, stimulates mental activity and clarifies thought.

Favorite Color: Red

*You are Passionate and excitable.

*Use it to Fight fatigue and anxiety.

*Why? It gets your pulse racing, and you feel energized and self assured.

Favorite Color: Blue

*You are Cool and confident.

*Use it to Promote self-expression.

*Why? It calms and pacifies the nervous system, by lowering your blood pressure, and relaxes you.

But of course if it doesn’t work I would suggest what I do every morning. To start my day right I pray for God’s guidance and blessings for that day. It helps also to have a positive outlook in life all the time.


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