Atashin’ Chi ( Bad for Kids)

>> Sunday, July 6, 2008

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I always watch T.V. with my son during the morning and I can’t help but notice one particular cartoon series. It focuses on a Japanese family with 2 kids, a boy and a girl. It started last month and its first few episodes were a shock to me because the villain was their mom. I think we should really see what our kids are watching. This cartoon is not for kids because of its connotation of how moms shouldn’t be. I don’t know maybe I’m too defensive because I’m a mother too. Anyway, the first episode for example showed her mom preparing pack lunch for the kids and for their dad. The little girl was complaining that her pack lunch was not colorful enough (Japanese way of preparing food is crucial for them), next day she complained that there was only one dish and so on. Her mom was always shouting and kept saying “Bakit ba masyado kang maarte at mapili?” (Why are you too choosy?), “Bakit ang tatay mo hindi nagrereklamo?”(Why is it that your dad is not complaining? ). The complaining never ends even though her mom kept on resolving her complaint. In the end her mom was fed up and stopped her effort. I noticed too that even the endings of each episode were negative no good resolutions. The writer was intending to humor the watcher but I think it’s not funny and it encourages wrong values for kids. The mother in this cartoon is intentionally made to appear a nagger, what with a very big mouth; the other characters have normal mouth. Probably the writer and animators of this movie did not have a good childhood. This show ridicules motherhood; it shows the mother in a negative light.


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