Dito lang sa Mindanao (Only here in Mindanao)

>> Sunday, July 6, 2008

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Do you know that in Mindanao...

... I had my first taste of powdered chilli (sili) mixed on fried peanuts?

... you will see motorbikes turned into jeeps? They call it habal-habal (2 passengers seat in front of the driver and 5 or 6 people at his back).

... in some places they even have the skylab, why skylab because the motorbikes have wings (a wooden plank is placed across the drivers seat). The driver actually balances his passengers (galling no, scary din hehehe). You can find this in rural areas. The skylab can climb mountains and snake through rough roads by high cliffs. Those who live in those areas do this stunt every day.

...of course you would enjoy the famous Durian?

... fruits and veggies are so cheap? You could buy 2 bunches (piling) of bananas for 5 to 10 pesos.

...you can find rare fruits here, like mangosteen, marang (jackfruit family), durian (of course).

... veggies that you can rarely be bought cheap in the grocery stores in Metro Manila are cheap and readily available in the market? Examples are mushrooms, asparagus, young corn, cauliflower, green peas etc.

... fishes are sold cheap too? You can buy half a kilo of Tilapia for 20-25 pesos.

... varieties of shell fishes like scallops, taiwan shells, etc. and sea weeds like guso (yellowgreen
translucent, coral-like, I do not know the english name for this, favorite of my husband) and lato ( arusip or aararusip in Ilocano, only smaller) are enjoyed here too?

... in most places we experience no storms ( during the height of the storm Frank, we were enjoying sunshine) but enjoy the rain to the fullest during the rainy season? That’s why the land is so fertile.

... close friends serenade you at dawn on your birthday. They call it mañita. They start it with a mellow song to wake you up and it ends with this song :

We are here to greet you On your natal day We are here to sing to you A birthday round ole’ It’s a happy birthday And we will sing from our hearts Because we live you so It is your birthday round ole’ Round ole’ ole’ happy holiday It is a happy birthday round ole’ Round ole’ ole’

I think we got it from the Spaniards.

And of course, ... white sand virgin beaches and beautiful spots.

this image is taken from Samara's blog
More to come...


pchi July 6, 2008 at 4:27 AM  

haha.. wow! galing...

at saka sa mindanao lang din may abu sayyaf... ahihi

isah marie July 6, 2008 at 5:48 PM  

he he he... wag na yun

isah liit

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