My Simple Joys

>> Monday, July 7, 2008

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Drinking a cup of coffee while watching the news.
Drinking a cup of coffee with dadee after dinner.
Drinking ice-cold ice tea or Cali while reading a good book.
Drinking ice cold beer while watching a late movie with dad on a weekend.
Eating boiled or grilled corn on merienda (snack) time.
Eating boiled or fried peanuts while having a chat with friends.
Eating prawn crackers with my son and dad while watching a good movie at home.
Enjoying a good movie with dad with chichiria or pop corn on the side.
Enjoying an instrumental music while eating or resting.

Watching josh enjoy a bath in the rain.
Watching my son sleep.
Watching josh enjoy his ice-cream.
Watching him enjoy a ride in a kiddie ride.
Watching josh and dad enjoying their soccer game together.
Hearing them laugh whenever his dad cracks a joke.
Hearing josh shout “yehey!” when he receives anything from dad and me.
Building sand castles with josh and dad in the beach.
Having a really good swim in a pool or beach.

Sharing a hug after every fight with josh.
The hugs while explaining to him why it’s wrong and should not be.
Stroking josh’s hair and back before he sleeps.
Reading him a bedtime story before he sleeps.
Going to church as a complete family.
Spending Christmas with our parents.
Having a chat with my parents.
Every time I get news from my sister, my brother, cousins, and relatives away from me.

Cooking and preparing something special for my 2 boys (dad and josh).
Planning a surprise, giving the surprise and actually seeing the joy after they receive my surprise for them.
Receiving a surprise from dad (makes me cry, hehe).
Receiving a picked flower from josh as he runs towards me.
The day I saw dadee graduated in his masteral.

Every time my dadee gets an opportunity in his blog.
Every time I receive a comment on my shout box or in my stories on my blog.
Every time I hear a thanx for something I did.
Every time I could extend help to anyone and receive a smile from them too.
Every time I hear an encouragement from mamang and my parents too.

A hug from anyone after a long time of not seeing each other.
Witnessing my sons first times like his 1st smile, tooth, word, etc.
Praying with him before he sleeps and before every meal.
Praying with him for healing when he doesn’t feel well or he has a wound.
An answer to every prayer request.
Lessons learned after every trial we face.
Smiling after every trial that we pass through with the Lords help.
Experiencing the joys and pains of being a mom and a wife.
Having the blessing of this great family and this life.
Having the chance to always say “Thank you Lord!” .


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