How Nutty Are You?

>> Saturday, August 16, 2008

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We all have it -- our nutty streak. I know that I have my nutty side too but it fades in comparison to the many nutty sides of my husband. (Sorry honey, I have to tell the world some of your nuttiness). My husband is really nuts, you'll know it after you become close to him and he gets quiet comfortable with you. One minor nutty thing about him that is quiet harmless is his ability to make a joke out of almost anything. It is as if he is always living in a land where people think of nothing but jokes, where people never take anything seriously. You'll never see it in the way he dresses, the way he walks or talks because he really looks like the average serious guy, the kind that gives you serious answers when you want them. But he is not like that. Even if he is in the direst of situations he'll always manage to kick in a very original joke that could lighten up or worsen the situation. This is not so nutty, but when it is taken to a higher level I guess it becomes very nutty. He can lead you in a long conversation that really looks serious and important but after about ten or so minutes at it, when you are inside his story, he'll suddenly put in a punch line that would make the carefully invented story come crashing down on you to make you realize that you had been the object of his joke. It's funny but sometimes it is irritating.

Another quirky thing about him is that he hates to eat on a wet plate, even just a tiny accidental drop of water on a plate would make him change the plate with a new one that is dry as the desert. It is also like that with spoons and forks. And mugs too. He also told me that when he was young there were times when he needed to touch things (like door knobs, coins, pens, or anything that catches his fancy) to satisfy some kind of itch in his mind. There are more but I would need more words to illustrate them. Do the things that I have mentioned sound nutty to you? Do you have them? Are you afraid that you are nuts because you do things that you think are nuts? I know that you would like to know if you are nuts. I know that you are curious about other people's nuttiness because you want to have a point of comparison.

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