Thanx mama n papa c:

>> Monday, September 1, 2008

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Aside from my honey bunch, my mom would be celebrating her birthday soon c: I was hoping to see them last month but could not. Hopefully, we could arrange a joint celebration (a small family gathering) for her and my husbands birthday.

I just miss my mom so much, specially now that I have this very active little boy who reminds me of my childhood every time he experiments his capacity. He loves to climb gates, run and run, climb tables and chairs, etc. I can just imagine how my mom feels and what she does juggling around guarding us and doing her chores plus the fact that I'm a girl who has boyish activities in her head (I'm pretty much like my son when I was little). I have an older sister who is by the way just 1 year older than me and a brother who is 5 years younger than me. I don't usually get hurt and not the sickly type but is very sensitive because I'm a middle child. I felt left out and felt less loved which is not true (I later on realized it). And so I do sorts of stuff to get their attention (KSP kasi , kulang sa pansin).
Anyway, being a parent and a mother makes me realize and appreciate more my parents and most especially my mother. All the sleepless nights when your sick, the disciplining, the love and care, the multi-tasking. Boy, it's tough but it's worth it. I know my mom has heart aches even now at times on the things we do that annoys them, specially bad things. Also the dreams she and my father has planned and hoping (also for the best for you) that would be accomplished in your life. Plans to prosper you and give you hope, which at times did not happened. But onething is for sure, I'm glad that mama is my mom and papa is my dad. They had brought me up to love and respect God. Tought me the value of discipline, respect for the elders, etc. Thay had made me into a better and a respectable person that I am now. And I am happy and willing to share it to my son, with the thought in mind that he would be a better and good person that we his dad would be proud of some day. Even though he is still in the process I am willing to learn also from him. I just pray that I would be like my parents had (and is still is) be the best parent one can have.

Thank You mama and papa c: for everything c: For mama for being my first teacher on a lot of things because she is always with me eversince I was born, until now guiding me even through the cell phone.
( from left:) me, my mama, my papa and my brother marc

I can see that mothers are the first teachers, specially moms who are there for you especially on your primal years. Their discipline builds your confidence and prepares you to face the real world. Through encouragements on every achivement like learning to walk and standing up after the fall c: The dos and don'ts of things, don't cross the street, don't touch this..that, table manners, how to do it on your own, respect to elders and all that endless stuff that you need to remember. Tiring at times but it's worth it if you see him do it and do it without being reminded.


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iceah September 2, 2008 at 12:21 AM  

thanx dear c: sure link you back c:

joanjoyce September 2, 2008 at 1:34 AM  

your post made me cry :( i miss my nanay too but she cannot be with me anymore, she went back to God 8 years ago..

Happy Birthday to your mama sis :)

iceah September 2, 2008 at 9:37 AM  

i also cried making this article because i miss my parents:c and i just want to thank them for everything they did for me to be successful now c:

isah liit

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